11/11/13 (9:00 AM): Final totals

Hours played: 72 hours, to the minute.

Games played: 16

Money raised: $2,112 (though technically, the total will be official at midnight)

Thank you to all of our donors. We hope you feel incredible about this amount of money and the good it will do. Thanks to everyone who played (nine different people) and watched us on Twitch (a lot more than that). We couldn’t have done it without every single one of you.

11/10/13 (1:36 PM): The last day!

We’ve finished two days and we’re at the home stretch! We’ve raised $1,772 for this charity… which is insane! We had no idea this was going to be this successful, and we’re already planning next year’s. This last day is all about finishing everything up and playing the really open-ended ones, especially NBA Jam and Super Mario Kart.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and watched our stream. We’ll be here until 9 AM tomorrow morning. Join us and chat here: We only need $228 more dollars to hit double our goal. Help us hit it?

11/9/13 (9:05 PM): Chrono Trigger, the Longest Game

It took just three minutes short of twelve hours, but Mike Sherry and Bobby Quinlivan beat Chrono Trigger. They managed it right at the exact halfway point of the entire event. That marks four of our seven total games completed and $1,667 total dollars raised so far. We cannot, absolutely cannot, thank everyone enough for that level of support. People donating nearly $700 more than our goal halfway through the event is not something we could have anticipated. Up next is Super Metroid, featuring the other Mike at the controls. We hope you’ll tune in and keep the support up. One person gave us $250 – which deserves to be recognized in some way, even if they donated it anonymously. Thank you to that person and to everyone else – even if you can only give a few dollars, it’s a huge help.

11/9/13 (9:08 AM): Day Two!

Matt finished about 65-70% of Super Mario RPG and survived the only time so far one person was awake. At nine a.m. we started what we expect to be the longest game of the event: the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. Mike Sherry’s an expert, but it’s just a long game by its very nature. Yesterday was a valuable lesson in just how long 24 straight hours awake in a row really is – day two starts here, now! Help us reach $1,300?

11/9/13 (4:27 AM): Night Shift

Down to just Matt and myself (Alex) at nearly 4:30 in the morning. I played some SimCity and might be tapped out at 200,000 people in my city. The last 4.5 hours to fill before the next official game (Chrono Trigger) will be spent on Super Mario RPG. SMRPG is a classic, no doubt, but it’s really late. Tucker beat Street Fighter, but it took some serious doing (50 deaths). We raised $195 on the 8th, all told. That’s pretty solid – and hopefully we’ll raise some more tomorrow during Chrono Trigger and Super Metroid. The stream has been pretty active (more than expected) and has a great feed – check it out, night owls:

11/9/13 (12:18 AM): “Day” Two

It hasn’t been 24 hours, but it’s the second day on the calendar of our marathon. Matt beat Link to the Past in two hours and twenty five minutes. He pledged a buck for every death, but that ended up costing him lunch money: he only died eight times. Mike Sherry left to get some sleep because he’s got the lion’s share of tomorrows work with Chrono Trigger starting at 9 AM. That means we’ll be filling the next nine hours with some unscheduled games. Tucker’s up first with Super Street Fighter II Turbo. None of us are any good at fighting games and it’s a particularly brutal one. One of the big things you learn in going back to SNES games is that even if you play a ton of video games now it won’t always translate. This era of gaming was unforgiving.

11/8/13 (9:36 PM): Twelve Hours In, Two Games Down

Super Mario World took longer than expected with us switching off. We totaled 36 deaths as a team (the low man was Mike Hannemann with five) and still have a few bonus levels to beat. We’ll do that later, because now Matt has to play Link to the Past. He’s been prepping more than anyone, so this speed run should be impressive. He claims he can do it in under three hours. Watch along here:

11/8/13 (6:29 pM): Lots of Mario

We beat Donkey Kong Country quickly and made serious progress in SimCity with the extra time. Mike also played about half of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, and now we’re on Super Mario World. There’s four of us passing the controller, but Mike has pledged 50 cents for every death – regardless of who gets it. It’s so far only cost him a dollar, but we’re also only on the seventh level.

Tune in and watch this get expensive.

11/8/13 (8:45 AM): We’re Live!

Follow along as Mike and Scott start the whole thing off here: Come chat about Donkey Kong Country!

11/7/13 (12:44 PM): Follow Along

Here’s everything you need to follow along live. We start tomorrow at 9 a.m. CST with Mike and Scott playing Donkey Kong Country. You can follow along with our donations, watch the games, or start following our Twitter and get live updates as we don’t sleep and beat some classic Super Nintendo games for charity. Thanks for stopping by!

Donation Progress Bar:
Stream of games:

10/6/13 (1:03 PM): Welcome!

Welcome to the home of the first ever Super Nintendo Charity Challenge!

Over 10 years, Child’s Play has raised millions upon millions of dollars to benefit children in hospitals. Their primary goal is to provide toys, games, and other fun thing to hospitals to help offset what is assuredly a tough time in any kid’s life.

The founders of this project, Mike Hannemann and Alex Russell, have donated individually for years. For Child’s Play’s donation drive this year we wanted to do something bigger. We wanted to hold an event that would draw attention to this awesome charity and hopefully raise as much money as possible to benefit their cause.

What better way to get games to kids than by playing games ourselves?

During the weekend of November 8th, 9th, and 10th, a determined group of gamers will be playing a collection of the best games ever released for the Super Nintendo for 72 straight hours. From this page, you can check out the full list of games, get to know the people playing them, and see the schedule of when everything is going to go down. You can also follow along when the event starts or get in touch with us directly.

We sincerely thank you for checking us out and hope that you’ll join us in donating!

Our first goal is $1,000. That would be an amazing goal to hit and it would allow Child’s Play to do some serious good in this world. If we do hit $1,000 before the end of the event we’ll be setting our goal higher and adding additional games (we know we’re missing some great ones!) and coming up with other cool stuff to add to the event.

Stay tuned here for updates!

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