We will be LIVE Nov. 9th-11th

Welcome to the home of the annual Super Nintendo Charity Challenge!

Over 10 years, Child's Play has raised millions upon millions of dollars to benefit children in hospitals. Their primary goal is to provide toys, games, and other fun things to hospitals to help offset what is assuredly a tough time in any kid's life.

The founders of this project, Mike Hannemann and Alex Russell, have donated individually for years, but they wanted to do something bigger. They wanted to hold an event that would draw even more attention to this awesome charity and hopefully raise as much money as possible to benefit the cause.

What better way than by playing games?

During the first weekend of November, a determined group of gamers will be playing a collection of the best games ever released for the Super Nintendo (and some which are just okay) for 48 straight hours. From this page, you can check out the full list of games, and get to know the people playing them. You can also follow along when the event starts or get in touch with us directly.

We sincerely thank you for checking us out and hope that you'll join us in donating.